Fun Pole Fitness

Fun Pole Fitness is a group fitness experience where you will have fun while you get stronger dancing and moving with a pole. Pole dancing is the most fun you can have while building your confidence, strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Classes at Fun Pole Fitness are a blend of creative movement, strength-training, and... FUN of course! It’s a workout that you will enjoy as much as girls’ night out!

NO experience is necessary. As a matter of fact, most of my students have never touched a pole before. So don’t feel intimidated–anyone can do this no matter what your fitness level, dance ability, or confidence level. We have beginner classes that repeat the same moves each time you take the class (Intro to Pole Dance), so if you’re not comfortable lifting yourself off the floor, you can take the class again and again until you are comfortable with the moves. And you WILL be doing tricks in no time! More advanced classes have new choreography every time to challenge you and keep you interested.

Fun Pole Fitness Instructors

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson
Owner and Instructor
Marie Davidson, the owner of Fun Pole Fitness. I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. Seven years ago I decided rather than just take group fitness... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Lorena

Lorena Romero-Cabra
Hi, my name is Lorena Romero-Cabra! My background includes a lifetime of dance training & performing, from classical ballet & jazz, to ballroom… read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Nadine Young

Nadine Young
Hi, I’m Nadine! I’ve been with Fun Pole Fitness since it opened in Fall 2009; first as a student and now as an instructor. I tried out many different studios... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Kryssa Mae

Kryssa Mae
Kryssa has always enjoyed dance and was a student at Fun Pole Fitness when she decided to get certified as an instructor … read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Chelsea Nevius

Chelsea Nevius
Hello Ladies! I'm Chelsea. I started pole dancing in 2009 and loved how much harder I worked out because I was distracted by how much fun I was having!... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Lisa Kain

Lisa Kain
Hi, I'm Lisa. I took my first pole dancing class at Fun Pole Fitness in 2011 on a whim. I had no dance experience... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Tine Be

Tine Be
Alumni Instructor
Hi, I'm Tine! I have basically lived at FPF as student since it opened in 2009 and you Ladies became my family away from home!... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Kat Gunsur

Kat Gunsur
Alumni Instructor
Kat's high-energy style pulls from eight years as a gymnastics coach. Don't worry though, you don't have to be a gymnast to succeed in her classes! Kat is certified... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Lisa Joy

Lisa Joy
Alumni Instructor
Lisa came out of the womb dancing. She started lessons early in Ballet, Tap, & Jazz. She followed her parents to all of their Ballroom Dancing,... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Instructor Jenn Reyes

Jenn Reyes
Alumni Instructor
I've been dancing on and off since the age of five, and I still love it. Although I’m classically trained in ballet and jazz, I love to explore all forms of dance and fitness... read more

Fun Pole Fitness Videos

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